With Pallyoodles, you can get inspired to decorate your digital workspace to become more productive and aesthetically suited to your digital work, thereby spurring you to get back on track and move forward.

I’m a product design engineer and I love making digital art and illustration in my free time.

Our work-life balance has changed dramatically, with more people working from home.

I have never had a more enjoyable time to customize, decorate, and organize the home screens of smartphones and desktops. I became inspired to create app icons for my iPhone after iOS14 was released, which paved the way for me to open this tiny digital store.

There have been a few weeks since I’ve actively working on this store and adding new products.

I felt the need to open my own store to reach the customers and offer unique products for their diversified needs.

It is wonderful that you have taken the time to visit my store, and I hope you can find the products that match your aesthetic needs.

Whenever you have any doubts and concerns regarding the products that you are looking for you can contact support@pallyoodles.com.

Thank you

Dated: 03-05-2021