Canva Tutorial – Pinterest and Instagram Story Template Design

Canva Tutorial - Pinterest and Instagram Story Template Design

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Hello and welcome to Pallyoodles!

Here’s how to customize your Instagram or Pin designs.

Following your purchase, you will receive a PDF file containing the Pinterest and Instagram story templates link.

Tutorial on Canva

Step 1

To access the template links, you need to download and open the pdf file as shown below.

Separate links are provided for Pinterest and Instagram Story templates.

Pinterest template link

In the images above and below, click on any links that seem relevant.

Alternatively, you can right-click and select “copy link” to copy a highlighted link.

Instagram story template link

Step 2

When you click the link, it will open the template directly on your default browser like Safari or Chrome.

Or, you can copy and paste the link on your desired browser tab, as I mentioned above.

Before opening the files in your browser, be sure you are log in to your Canva Free or Pro account.

Click on “Use template”, which will create a new copy of the template.

Highlighted link for Pinterest template.
Highlighted link for IG Story template.

Step 3

Scrolling horizontally will display all Pin design templates.

Click on “Grid view” to view all 30 pin design template pages.

Select and double-click on any design page to start customizing the pin.

All 30 Pin design templates to customize

Step 4

Upload your own photos or choose from Canva’s free stock photos to begin.

If you’re looking for free stock photos, check out Unsplash.

The following example shows how to add a photo to a highlighted frame.

Add your photos by dragging and releasing on photo frame
After dropping the photo.

Step 5

To change font size and style, select the text box. Double Click on text to add your content.

As per your Canva account type (Free or Pro) choose the font style.

Canva Pro users can upload their own fonts.

Add content and change the font style and size

As shown below, you can enter your preferred font size or select one from the drop-down box.

You can resize the text box by dragging the corners with your mouse or trackpad.

Add content and change the font style and size

Step 6

To change the color, select the highlighted element.

Change the element color
Change the element color

Step 7

Now you can rename the copied file as per your need.

Rename the template file and design page
You can also rename each design page.
Download the photo or whole pages either in PNG or JPG format

Below are some examples. These templates let you create multiple unique pins using the same content of your blog post.

Instagram Story Template

Instagram’s story template design is similar to Pinterest’s to ensure cohesive design consistency.

Kindly note, I added the extra call to action elements (link in bio, swipe up, and read more). Similar to the above steps, you can easily customize the templates so that you can share them in your IG stories to drive visitors to your site.

Instagram story templates